Covid-19 UPdate

***New Update as of 4/4/2020***

In accordance with the updated Governor's Executive Orders, all church services and events have been canceled until May 3. The pastor will preach online beginning

Sunday March 29.

Please see the following message from Pastor Taylor:

Dear New Market Baptist Church,

I hope you all are safe and doing well. During this challenging and unparalleled time, I will be giving a weekly update regarding our church services and activities. Therefore, I want to share with you some updated information related to the church services for the upcoming weeks of March 23rd-April 26. In accordance with the Center for Disease Controls recommendations, the Governor's Executive Orders, and after meeting with the Church Trustees, I am suspending all church gatherings on church premises until

Sunday, May 3rd. This includes the Trail to the Empty Tomb and the Children's Easter Egg Hunt.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Therefore, in order to continue to serve and keep our congregation safe from the spread of the corona virus, I will be preaching an online sermon each Sunday @ 10:15 am via our Facebook page, beginning March 29th. You can access these sermons on our website link;

I am also encouraging people to refrain from entering the church buildings unless it is absolutely necessary until May 3rd.  Crystal (Administrative Assistant) will be working primarily from home, March 23rd-May 3rd.  Gary (Custodian / Maintenance) is working diligently to sanitize and disinfect the entire church property. If you need to be in the building, please let him know so he can take the necessary steps to clean and sanitize the area occupied after your exit. Gary is doing this to prepare the entire church building for our safe and sanitized return. Other staff members have individual offices and may be in the office occasionally, but please try to contact them without entering the building. 

Circumstances are changing daily, and many people are worried, this is understandable. 

However, I want to remind you, Jesus Christ is still on His throne and in charge. He is sovereign and well aware of the issues His children are facing. NMBC has endured many hardships in her 175 years and she will endure this one with God's help. I am praying the Lord will encourage your hearts and strengthen your souls with His peace and comfort. Please continue to be patient, helpful, and supportive of one another. Moreover, I ask each of you to pray daily and read God's word, I also ask you to check on each other. 

If you are available to deliver items to the door of the most vulnerable let me know. If you are vulnerable and need something delivered to your door, please let me know. If you need me or a Deacon feel free to call, text, or email. Some have ask  me about how to give their tithe during this time. You may continue to contribute God's tithe by mailing it to the church : New Market Baptist Church  P. O. Box 129 New Market, TN 37820

I look forward to seeing you in worship soon!

Your Pastor

Bro J. W.

Photos for the new church directory have been rescheduled for

June 11th - 14th and June 18th - 21st.